Program Launch!

STYLO launched our signature program early this year to help kids, teens and young adults maximize their life experiences.

It features a uniquely designed structure that ensures flexibility and affordability making it accessible to everyone.

The Best

Affordable Designed to be accessible for everyone
All Round Holistic programs designed for the well-balanced
Flexible Customized for the unique, talented individual

2023 Targets

Goals Achieved

This Month

As an Impacteur (that's what we call our participants), there are certain privileges you can enjoy.
Communicate using Bahasa Melayu - the only national language of Singapore. Bahasa Melayu is spoken by at least 300 million people in the Southeast-Asian region that we live in.
It's not easy to fit into any of our tutelage programs. Find out what it takes to be a candidate. The criteria can be daunting.


The Experitas Center for Lifestyle Optimization (STYLO) develops and utilizes methods to help you experience the best of life by optimizing your lifestyle. We offer different levels of engagement from buddying to private coaching, in every domain of life.

Our program, called ULTIMATE, is very rich in content and helps you identify goals that matter most to YOU. We facilitate your journey towards achieving them using our tools and methods that work for you.

Finally, we find ways to help solve your problems that hinder you from succeeding. We believe that an integrated support system including coaching should be accessible to everyone. Most importantly, we believe that optimizing lifestyles include creating positive impact to people around us.


Our Advantage

Understanding our Edge

A Warm Welcome

Introducing ULTIMATE

A program that focus on the balanced lifestyle, progress, holistic development, well-being and wellness.

ULTIMATE aims to optimize the lifestyle of our members using digital tools and change management systems.

Here, we are always looking for problems to solve.

Which Problems Do We Try to Solve? The ones you have. So, what is YOUR problem? Let's try solve it together.

What if you have no problems? Let's try make things better!

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Introducing ULTIMATE


We are slightly different from your 1-day seminar coach. We are your life-long partner who is there when it matters most (subject to mutual understanding).


Subject Matter Experts

You are supported by individuals with the right knowledge and experiences.

Establishing a support structure for you is critical in your journey to success. Parents, siblings, best friends, professionals and people with the right knowledge, experience and intentions form the success team you need to ensure that you are right on track.

At Experitas' STYLO, we create an environment where every member of your team plays their part to help you overcome challenges as you face them head on.

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Subject Matter Experts


We do our best to back you up, especially when you deserve it most.

Great Flexibility

An evolutionary program

Like fingerprints that are unique, no individual roadmap is the same.

As everyone is different, so is our program roadmap for each individual.

While other well-meaning solution providers advocate their respective magic formulae that have helped them succeed in THEIR OWN life using approaches that have worked for them, our first priority is to identify factors that hinder your success.

We then offer solutions to remove those barriers and work with you using various methods because we know since every individual is unique, not every methodology works.

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An evolutionary program


Our flexibility in administering YOUR program makes it one of the most exciting program around.

Reality Learning

Learning Our True Life Skills

Applying Life Skills in Real-Life

Personal Mastery
Family & Parenting
Education & Learning
Business & Enterprise
Career & Profession
Travel & Adventure
And More!